Our Programs

“Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of life”

Human Rights education, Human Rights awareness/advocacy, is the priority agenda to highlight the HRPO mission in Pakistan. We will cover the following projects:-

  • Human Rights Education to school children
  • Human Rights Education to Community
  • Human Rights Education to Law Enforcement Officials

All women empowerment strategies flop, unless she is relieved of these shackles of violence are the motto of the Foundation. The HRPO women wing collects data and information about violence against women to create public awareness. Also to guide and assist women in legal issues connected with their employment and family laws. Women in Pakistan face the threat of multiple forms of violence, including sexual violence by family members, strangers, and state agents; domestic abuse, including spousal murder and being burned, disfigured with acid, beaten, and threatened; ritual honor killings; and custodial abuse and torture.


Women in Pakistan live in fear. They face death by shooting, burning or killing with axes if they are deemed to have brought shame on the family. They are killed for supposed ‘illicit’ relationships, for marrying men of their choice, for divorcing abusive husbands. They are even murdered by their kin if they are raped as they are thereby deemed to have brought shame on their family. The truth of the suspicion does not matter-merely the allegation is enough to bring dishonor on the family and therefore justifies the slaying. Expressing a desire to choose a spouse and marring a partner of one’s choice are seen as major acts of defiance in a society where fathers arrange most marriages.

They are seen to damage the honour of the man who negotiates the marriage and who can expect a bride price in return for handing her over to a spouse. Honour killings are an extreme form of violence against women. Domestic violence is also frequently intended to punish a woman for any perceived insubordination supposedly impacting on male honor.

Women who have divorce through the courts have been attached, injured or killed. Seeking divorce is seen as an act of public defiance that calls for punitive action to restore male honour within the traditional setting.