About Us

Human Rights Protection Organization vision & mission, aims & objectives are very Clear we are positively working to achieve them with the help and guidance of our devoted, dedicated and dutiful staff and council members.


Human Rights Protection Organization focus for the betterment, empowerment and development of the poor and marginalized section of the society.


Facilitate though different program for the vibrant and community members so that they could have full influence on the program organized for their betterment.


We want to create awareness with respect to right and liabilities among individuals through human rights education. To take necessary action in preventing Human Right Violation and provide aid and assistance including legal aid to protect human rights.

To promote human rights and citizenship by organizing conferences, workshops, and by disseminating information about human rights and civic responsibilities.

We fight for right to freedom from torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment we ensure to stop the compliance with the prohibition on torture or cruel, in human, or degrading treatment or punishment.

To research and raise voice against the violation of basic human rights to help in keeping the environment free from pollution and take other measures in this regard.

To educate and create consciousness among youth and moment against their basic rights to work for the promotion and implementation of Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other related charters.


At the time of its creation in 2011 it was decided in the first meeting of its Central Executive Committee that HRPO will cover the Universal declaration of Human Rights passes in the United Nation and other convents and charters including constitution of Pakistan, promote the human rights on domestic national and international level, HRPO believe that everyone has the right to life liberty and security of person. Therefore, the main agenda of HRPO in Pakistan will be:

Human rights monitoring

Human rights education and awareness

Struggle against injustice

Serve the humanity

Prepare human rights research reports

Provide equal rights and do justice

Help us to accomplish the goal of universal human rights.

Making human rights a reality everywhere with the help of education. When people know their rights and freedom, they can then insist on their use and application for everyone.


HRPO is very interested to promote the link between Sustainable Development and Human Rights relate to the sustainable development at the local, national and global levels.

HRPO is working as a monitoring group in District Bahawalnagar with its volunteer member’s network at grass root label. The basic aim of the members is to act as a researcher and monitoring for the human rights violation anywhere in their region and report to HRPO office. Then Executive Committee decides actions in a meeting against it and Executive Director takes necessary steps to protect the human rights.