Human has inherited rights since the beginning of humanity. For this purpose human has to struggle hard to preserve their inherited rights. From past to present, there is lot of need to ensure the availability of fundamental human rights. For this purpose, to provide the better living standards to the people, an Organization is working for the sake of fundamental human rights. The name of the Organization is HUMAN RIGHTS PROTECTION ORGANIZATION (Reg). District Bahawalnagar. This organization is working since 2011. This organization is hereby accorded under section 8(1.111) of the voluntary Social Welfare Agencies and Registration & Control Ordinance, 1961. Its Registration No is DOSW/BWN-59/2011.

Its basic Area of Operation is District Bahawalnagar. It is also notify that it is only an organization working for Fundamental Human Rights in District Bahawalnagar. This Organization has a great consideration for the welfare of people in the area of Bahawalnagar which is mostly barren and near to border, People are far away from basic necessities of life, To, ensure their basic rights, we have the following aims of working.

Child Welfare

Youth Welfare

Women Welfare

Social Education

Coordination of Social Welfare Agencies

Welfare of Poor Patients

Human Rights